A New World…

Thousands of years ago, the gods of Solferon came to an agreement. Peering beyond the veil of dimensions, they saw the terrors that the advancement of science and magic wrought upon the world. They saw that, should technology and spells go unchecked, their world would come to an end. All but a few gods who cared not for the fate of the world agreed, whether earnestly or begrudgingly, that they needed to stop this threat before it became too late.

And so became the Seal.

Some of the gods call it the Stagnation Seal, for through powerful divine magic beyond any mortal’s capability, all manner of technological and magical prowess came to a halt. Invention among mortals died, innovation disappeared, and while the world wasn’t necessarily kept in peace, the gods could rest a little easier knowing that the chances of the world ending due to the folly of mortals had lessened. And for millennia, this was true.

50 years ago, however, everything came crashing down. Humanity, who had dominated their own dimension with incredible science and technology, found themselves on the brink of self-destruction. Unable to escape the inevitable apocalypse upon them, humanity made a blind jump through an experimental portal that would hopefully leave them in a new world to colonize.

Instead, they ended up scattered across Solferon, and what technology they had brought with them conflicted with the powerful magics in place; such a staggering jump in technology should not have been possible, and in an attempt to correct this sudden paradox, the Seal shattered and the humans’ technology became null and dead. The Seal’s destruction wasn’t the only consequence, however.

As the Seal had been formed by nearly every god in the world, the magic’s sudden paradoxical self-destruction had an adverse effect on them, as well, drastically weakening the gods. Once able to directly affect the physical world through their avatars, they were now reduced to simply granting small blessings and providing magic to their clergies. As a result, the world has been thrown into chaos. The world that had effectively been frozen in time forever had begun to turn once again.

Forever’s end is now.

Forever's End